To apply for a personal loan one must reside in Malta, be over 18 years old, in regular full-time employment. If the loan is not secured the amount the bank typically lend is between €1,000 to €40,000 with repayments span up to 8 years (it varies depending on the bank’s terms and conditions). Taking a personal loan one can finance various needs some of which are buying a vehicle or boat.


A purchase of car from the authorized and licensed car dealer in Malta could be fully financed by companies specializing in motor loans.

Main car dealers collaborate with banks in Malta making ties for their customers to get a motor loan. Documents could be submitted via motor dealer.

Motor loan generally falls under personal loan type for bank costumers. The loan amount and repayment terms depends on customers financial state. It could be short or mid term loan. Full amount of the purchase could be financed.

Some auto dealers have their own loans:


Government of Malta promotes the use of clean and energy efficient vehicles (Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV), Range Extender Electric Vehicles (REEV) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV), Battery Electric Quadricycles, Electric Motorcycles,Electric Mopeds and Electric Tricycles, Pedelecs (Electric Assisted bicycles), and Cargo Pedelecs). Therefore there is a scheme of getting financial support when buying e-vehicles. More information could be found at Transport Malta.


 Banks finance 80% of a valuation value of the boat or yacht. Typically the value of the boat shouldn’t be not less than €40,000 and it shouldn’t exceed €500,000. Repayments could be spread within the period of 10 years.

 Personal loan providers: